Attraction: Reloaded - Names & Titles

Many females and quite possibly males too have decided upon what at least one of their yet unconvinced offspring will be called. 

This choice is made way ahead of even meeting the required 'other half.'

There will be name or two that will resonate strongly and become a prized secret shared only with the most trusted friends. 

Such is the claim of ownership that should any of those friends procreate first and then choose to name their child with the divulged moniker a betrayal that could be only superseded that by the abduction of the living child is felt. 

I am no different. My 'girls name' has been in place for many years. There has never really been a definite 'boys name'  because I have never thought I would have a son. 

In my early days of songwriting I used to collect song titles. 

If an idea came to me or I overheard a phrase that had a certain catch it would be added to the list at the back of the songwriting notepad I always walked around with. 

The title of a song is like an aural book cover. 

Read the track listing of any album especially before you know the songs. A list of original titles is as intriguing and appetite enducing as a well written menu. 

These days I make notes of phrases only and the title list method has not been used for a long time. 

I wait until I see song before I know what to call it. 

Equivalent to naming the baby a few weeks after it is born. 

Attraction: Reloaded was named so after I had heard early versions and I could sense there was more to it than a remix treatment. 

It had evolved from an esoteric inspired original, parallel with the Wachowski brothers film series The Matrix - a firm favourite of both Nina The First and mine.  

Never before has one song journeyed so much with me. 

Where will it take you? 

Soon you can let me know. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share ;)