Attraction: Reloaded - Everything Covered

The music is done and the process for distribution is taking place.

In a matter of days all can be revealed. 

We have written, recorded, mixed and mastered. 

Another aspect of the whole process needs to be mentioned.

The visuals. 

I am glad that I have found an equally creative ally in Nina The First. Somebody who has not only shaped the wonder that is Attraction: Reloaded sonically but has designed the cover art. 

While it seems unusual to talk about covers nowadays when there is no physical product there is still a need for a corresponding work. 

Inspired by conversations relating to the track and the inspiration for the title we have what we have. 

It now sits in harmony with the art for the original version. Reloaded is blue to the red of the other. 

As part of the promotion there now exists a lyric video teaser. Edited by yours truly it too uses the artwork to build familiarity and consistency. 

I am pleased with my work. Editing is something I find enormous fun and could easily be lost in for hours.  

Now more pieces of the equation are in place. 

What once would require a multitude of skilled people can be achieved by people with a multitude of skills. 


I love it! 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share ;)