Intentions Are Good

A writer is firstly an observer and interpreter of life.

Packaging events into manageable form for others to experience, process or revisit. 

To be authentic and true to myself I tell things as I see and feel them.

My appeal to others will be based on whether or not my approach is in resonance with their outlook.

It maybe that the words I choose paint pictures that pique their imagination, inspire, reframe and/or elevate. 

There will always be a disconnect because it is impossible to be truly all things to all. Nor should I or do I strive to be.

To some I will appear basic, pretentious, unfeeling but these judgements have nothing to do with me. 

Any categorisation, definition, damnation or praise placed upon me is always from the position of the eye of the beholder.

It has taken many years of (especially) criticism for me to finally understand this. 

If what I say is not acceptable the opposing point of view is totally valid. Time has taught that the reasons for  resistance is not always because my stance runs wildly against anothers principles. Some are hellbent on misunderstanding me for personal reasons, others are too invested in their position regardless of its comfort to consider an alternative, many do not and will not get it. 

And it is all good. As long as my intentions are. 

Settling into my new home ie My Truth is disorientating and unfamiliar, for myself and others, but I tell you this...

It is ease filled.  

Working from the heart is magical and the more I do the more I witness daily miracles occurring. 

Very simple but not always easy. 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)