Hidden In Plain Sight

Although I would never wish for anything other than my full throttle imagination there are times when it does not especially serve me. 
It is my life's work and passion to fill silences, blank pages and spaces. I would not change this. However it is operating constantly, and this where the issues can arise. I walk into a room and I begin to mentally rearrange the furniture, I restlye people's attire when I meet them and the words I read  are rewritten. 

At that level it still remains lighthearted and harmless but there are occasions when I am so caught up and engaged in the potential of a situation or person that the here and now reality is overlooked or excused because to me it is a temporary situation.  

This is is where I encounter pain and disappointment. Personal relationships continue longer than they should because I am always addressing the potential I recognise in a person even when they let me know that who they are in the present is who they intend to be for a good while.
Not everyone is as ambitious for themselves as I am for them. 

I am also guilty of enduring unsatisfactory living and working conditions because I can literally see how with very little effort all could be so much better.    

All to often the truth is staring me in the face and yet I decide to ignore the feelings, the whispers or the blatant clues because I am so invested in the improved future. 

It is a personal lesson to see what is really in front of me, to trust my intution. In hindsight I can always see the signs which means on some level I must have recognised them as the occured.

So my task is to find balance in what is and what can be and to appreciate what is presented to me at all times.

Love Yourself!


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