People say you go away to find Yourself.


You can never be away from Yourself only distracted from it. 

I come from a culture that creates delicious distractions. 

In February 2017, I went away to India to study Kundalini yoga for a month. 
I came back with more than what the course could delivered.  

More insight.  
More vision. 
More questions.  



About the book

...coming soon...

The title Becoming H.E.R. came to mind shortly after I shot the music video for my song Attraction. I was writing a blog post about how on the day of filming I knew that I needed to overcome any self-consciousness and abandon myself to the music. 
Weeks later when I watched the first edit of the video I was surprised by who I saw on screen. She looked like me but something else was apparent. There was a new level of expression and a show of strength that at the time I was not consciously aware of. 
I do not remember how I decided on the H.E.R. acronym and at the time a friend suggested that I should trademark it, which made no sense at all. For me, this was just a clever blog post title. 

What else could I possibly to do with it...?

H.E.R. stands for Higher Energetic Resonance.  
It explains how in order to be our own Sasha Fierce we need to transcend all our self-imposed limitations and allow in the greatest versions of ourselves. 

For a couple of years, I had been outlining chapters with the intention of writing a book but there was no solid structure to it. I knew it would be autobiographical but I was also in doubt about why anybody would want to read my life story. I had no public profile and the story had no real direction or conclusion. 
During a session with my then mentor, I suddenly had clarity about what my book could and should be about - my journey into womanhood.  
The previous title was shelved and Becoming H.E.R. came to life. 
Everything around me changed with this decision. Videos I watched, conversations I had and information I read inspired me or confirmed that this was the right direction to take.
Up to this point, the songs I had been writing lacked a real core message. 
Now I understood what I stood for and that in itself was empowering. 

To fully Become H.E.R. there are 3 aspects of ourselves we need to examine, transform and integrate.
They work together and in a specific order. 

First is Spirituality. 
We must intrinsically and wholeheartedly know that we are a part of something greater than ourselves and with this knowledge be confident about the power we wield in our lives.
We are not lonely victims.
Instead, we are a unique expression of The Universe or whatever name we choose for it. 
If there is any expression of lack - especially money -  in our lives this is only because of our beliefs being reflected back to us.
Yes, we are that powerful!
Forging a connection with this greater part of ourselves is simply aligning with the Godforce we are created from. 
Knowing who we truly are makes us unstoppable.

Next is Sensuality. 
Now we need to respect the physical aspect of ourselves.
Beginning with Self-Love, we must respect the miraculous body that we have and honour it by striving for good health. We develop mindfulness about what we consume -  both food and information. Our sexual energy becomes sacred, all our relationships are transformative and empowering. 

Finally, Soul.
Here the focus is on the impression and impact we have on the world. We all have endured painful experiences that have tried us yet we survived and are better for it. Now we must create from our pains. Let our messes become our messages, our struggles our success. 
Who are we helping and inspiring?
Are we being our authentic selves?
This can be as simple as how we decorate our environment and the words we speak to more complex ideas such as creating families, businesses and movements, 
What will your legacy be?