This Is Your Song

Before I started to record my version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas I listened to many versions.

The main reason was so that I could, refresh on the lyrics, get a rough idea of the chord progressions and then from that create my own interpretation of the song. 

The song originates from Meet Me In St Louis, a feel good film starring one of my favourite movie stars, Judy Garland.

As with all timeless, excellently crafted songs there are thousands of versions in all genres of music.

Most of my favourite  Soul, Jazz and Pop singers have performed a version of it. Some made me love the songs more and others were veering so far away from the original that the intention overpowered the message of the song and created and audio catastrophe. 

Once I felt that I knew the song I had to then make it my own. 

So I asked myself the question. What makes me like a song? Whether it is one of my own compositions or something I hear. 

My answer. I always like to hear what the lyrics are. I want to feel that the performer means what they are singing and I want the accompanying instrumentation to be passionately played, complimentary and interesting. 

My version is simply constructed. Piano voice and some BV's. Vocally I have decided to sing the main song very straight and precise leaving the CMW-izing to the ad libs.

Other singers have tried to over complicate it and personally I think such a standard requires the respect of space and tasteful styling.  

I have married the basic chords with some jazzier elements that I love to hear. I think this represents me. 

Also I am self producing the song as well as the video and all the visuals that are necessary especially online. 

I am nearly complete. I have completely enjoyed the process during which I have learned a lot and developed confidence in my fledgling Producer journey. 

My plan is for the song to be up in the next 24 hours. 



Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)