Let It Be

To say that I am enjoying my self imposed Christmas project deadline would be a massive understatement.

What I am going through is a learning curve of the steepest proportions but with every mistake, problem and inevitable solution I am beginning to demystify the process of production. 

Just another few years to go and I will be really on it. 

There have been times when I have had to put the headphones down because the ability to discern anything fresh has abandoned me but during those moments I find myself thinking into head about what I can do next. 

In my haste to move forward I have made errors and deleted important information.

No matter, I just do it again. 

My first attempt at recording vocals went well. Once I get into it I can sing for hours and with each subsequent take I honed my performance. 

However on the following day it was apparent that the levels were way too high and the was an audible hiss on the track.

Back to the drawing board as all attempts to mask it seemed to enhance the issue. Be sure I will not make that error again! 

The cover artwork was easily completed by way of a quick bedroom selfie in some cosy clothes and a couple of hours with a picture editor. 

All that needs to be completed is a lyric video and the final mix. 

To take a real step back I have bounced  the track down to an MP3 and started to work on the video which is more fun for me. I will just keep it simple. Lyrics and a few transitions. This will be the first video I have done on this computer and already I am excited by what I can produce. 

For me with all of these tools - toys- the temptation is there to want to have everything, to spend days re-singing my vocals and weeks perfecting the mix but there comes a point when the creator must free their work. 

It is December in a few days time and that is when I will release this baby to the world, trust it to find its own place and move on. 

They were right. 

This parenting lark is tricky! 


Love Yourself. 


åThanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)