The Sound Of Silence

One of the abiding memories I have of my recent trip to Italy is the silence at the night time. 

Standing outside on the hills in Ripanstrasone I became aware that in-between our chatter there was no sound. 

At all. 

This is something I had never experienced before. 

It was so rich and deep. I searched within it for a sound like foraging deep into foliage. The more I embedded myself the more enveloping the stillness. 

As a result of always living in a town or city I have only ever known it be quite quiet and then just for a few seconds as some distant occurrence punctuates the peace. 

To utilise this precious time I am prone to wake up in the middle of the night at around 3am, by choice, simply because it is the best time to work without interruption. 

There are very few people who understand the benefit of this. Having been conditioned to sleep during these beautiful hours anybody who chooses to wake at this point is considered odd or unwell. 

My general philosophy is that if the majority adheres to a particular behaviour examine the results of that. 

If that outcome is what you desire do it, otherwise do the opposite. 

In this Technological and Digital age our senses are constantly being stimulated. Never before has there been a time when we can instantly be informed on any matter regardless of its necessity or  benefit to us. 

This is an empowering position to be in but we have to remember that the information is still another persons perspective and opinion. 

Constantly filling your mind with noise and chatter obstructs you from meeting your own thoughts and truly understanding yourself. 

Over the past few years I have been especially interested in understanding human behaviour and the way the mind works. The most important lesson I have learned is the power of the subconscious mind and the effect it has on the outcome of our lives. 

For that reason I am vigilant about what enters my life. Especially on a subliminal level. 

Garbage in means garbage out. 

I consider myself too important to idly allow my life to be lead into a brick wall.  Somebody else's brick wall. 

Television, radio, conversation for the sake of filling space is more damaging than most people realise. 

Subscribe to a daily dose of this input and you are allowing yourself to being directed and told what to do under the delusion of operating with free thought. 

Even some reading is noisy. 

Headlines scream, judge and sensationalise. Adverts create a need and desire where there was no lack to begin with. Soap opera must be called so because they brain wash. 

So many are addicted to their daily dose of this or that submitting the finite minutes of their lives to hours of programming. 

I too, was controlled by this for many years. I knew more about the lives of fictional characters and celebrated individuals than I knew about myself. 

I truly believed that it was imperative that I subscribed to updates of current affairs in order to be informed about what was happening. 

What I failed to realise was that this concoction was adding to my fear and anxiety and hindering my progress as an individual. 

I was being told what to wear, to eat, how I should feel, who it like. This was the right way. That person was the enemy. 

When I eventually unplugged, and it felt like that, I started to hear my own voice. 

It took some time for me to trust that what I was hearing was real and knew the best for me but believe me nobody knows what is better for you than you. 

My perspective of the world has changed vastly. I am aware of current events and will only involve myself deeper if I intend to do something about it. Otherwise I will be part of the chatter about the terrible world we live in and I do not believe that is the case. 

The majority of us want peaceful lives but that is not what us portrayed in the noise. 

I know why I bought into the babble. Listening to your own voice can be frightening.  

There are truths that you have to face.

It is not always easy but it is always worth it. 

The silence is golden. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)