Just The View

When you are standing on the ground looking up the sky is the limit. 

Elevate yourself and it becomes just the view. 

This is a turn of phrase that I had heard often repeated my many extremely successful people and although I grasped it in principle there was still a piece of it that had not clicked in. 

Until recently. 

Presently, there is a lot if shuffle and rearrangement happening in my life. 

It needed to happen. 

Certain situations had be come stale and toxic needed to be released. 

I have noticed that I find it easier to let go of what no longer serves me. Particularly with physical items. Holding on to things that are not being used or will possibly never again is a misuse of good energy. 

Making space creates a vacuum and the  permission for the new and improved. There is also a mental lightness that promotes optimal thought and stimulates creativity and the consideration of fresh, untried opportunities. 

Add to this the Law Of Attraction element. 

When you are thinking and operating in this space then the people, circumstances and means necessary to proceed find you. 

With things seemingly all up in the air at the moment and projects that feel a little stalled I am surprised at my reaction now in comparison to how I may have reacted even a couple of months ago. 

I am surrounded by a deep sense of calm and trusting that as long as I keep moving forward in faith doing all that I know how to do at this present moment it will work out in the way that is right for me. 

This is not to say that I am floating aimlessly forward. If anything the more I progress the bigger the ideas get and the more achievable they appear to be. 

I trust my intuition 100%. Situations, people and even energy is read and understood almost immediately.  I may not act or comment upon it there and then but having wasted time and money in the past because of ignoring my instincts I know better. 

What is interesting to observe is the reaction of others. Particularly people who thrive on drama, conflict and confrontation. Do not take offence. There is no personal slight meant but if there is no chance of an open, intelligent conversation I will walk away. 

We only have to look out into the world around us for evidence that those methods achieve no good.  

There is a better way. Some of us truly believe it and will strive to see it realised. It will happen. 

For me personally it is amazing how my vision for myself has become this wider bigger 'thing'. Some of it I can visualise now other parts of it are still a feeling and what I once considered my limits are now my view. 

If you are one of the bubble headed dreamers with big ideas connect with me somehow. 

If you know one,  do not understand them or are frustrated because they are not realistic, let them get on with their imaginings.

You would not be reading this without people like that.


Either way...


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)