The Inconvenience Of Inspiration

Imagine this. 

After much tossing, turning, pumping and placing of pillows, you finally find your sweet spot. 

Now your muscles relax, your breathing slows and you are drifting deeper and deeper into the most delicious, expansive and restful space. 

With each exhale comes further immersion into the peaceful plane where even thoughts are too weighty. 

Then, just at the point before your last sigh and slide into slumber, you are prodded back to consciousness by an idea. 

And this feels like a good one! 

You have to get up! 

Please take my advice on this.

You have to get up! 

Many years ago, (and ironically I remember everything about this apart from the most important point) I had such a moment. 

It was in the morning, after a very good night before and I was slowly waking up.  I deliciously comfortable and toasty warm which equals very happy for me. 

Then I heard a song play through my mind. 

Music, lyrics, everything. 

So beautiful. 

All I could do at the time was listen and appreciate. Once it was done the song stayed with me and I replayed parts of it over again. 

Then as I became more consciously aware I realised that I had just composed that song. It was a direct download to me. Fully formed. 

All that I needed to do was attach it to something physical and it would be mine. 

But I was comfortable and I 'reasoned' with myself that if I stayed where I was and played it over in my mind a few times that that would be enough to cement the idea and I could remember and work on it later. 

Right now I needed to sleep...

Here I am years later writing this blog post and still waiting for total recall. 

That was a hard lesson to learn. 

To console myself I try to imagine that it was not such a great idea after all but my heart knows that is not true. 

Inspiration comes when she chooses and will shove herself into your day demanding to be acknowledged. 

She is fleeting, intangible and mysterious but she needs your attention and your input otherwise you would not receive the visit. 

I am now never without a pen, notebook or too far away from my iPhone. 

On Friday 7th October 2011  I woke up and wrote Attraction in 10 minutes without leaving my bed. 

The words poured from me effortlessly onto the page of the notebook that I had been sleeping with. (Yes my love life is that exciting!) 

I do not know what that song will do for me in the future but it has inspired me to  do all I have done with this project up until this point. It came during a difficult time in my life and reinstalled a confidence that I did not ever expect to experience again. 

But that in itself is its own story...

What I learned from this is always be prepared to capture your inspirations.  

It may seem troublesome stirring from the comfort if your bed but it is less painful than the years spent wondering whether you slept your masterpiece away. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. Please share. ;)