The Benefits Of Blogging

I am currently experiencing an explosive period of creativity. A super download of new songs that at the moment I have no idea when they will be recorded.

There are still so many to be released and the promotion for Attraction has not really begun. 

A quality problem.

Why is this happening now?

Considering that there is so much happening behind the scenes that needs to be addressed and I am busier than ever, this is not necessarily an opportune time.

However I think this has occurred because of this blog.

I decided to write a blog on my website to demystify the artistic process, chart my journey and keep my pen sharp, which it certainly has.

I committed to writing only two posts each week that would either talk about a specific event in my musical life or just offer a general insight into my mindset.

There has always been a veil of mystery around musicians and I would like to remove mine. 

This is also amongst other goals I have set for myself.

In the background there is a book slowly coming together however I was dissatisfied with the voice I was using. There was no unique style and with no set deadline because of all my other activity I did not feel enough time was committed to honing it.

The blog is an opportunity to find and fine tune that.

As a result I am seeing more cohesion in my long form writing and I am also much quicker at creating a new post.

Where I laboured before there is now ease. 

I now spend more time looking for relevant pictures than I do deciding and completing that days entry.

This is an exciting and welcome development that has also seeped over into my songwriting.

My lyrics are tighter and the word flow, even in the edited form of a song is efficient.

Witnessing you own self improvement is exciting. I often wonder what level I wil be creating from the next time around. I constantly aspire to be better than before.

The more I put out the more I seem to be receiving. Words and phrases constantly swirl around my head. I know now to get them recorded somehow and in doing so the floodgates open. 

To anybody who thinks they are experiencing a dry spell creatively may I suggest taking a sidestep and doing something once removed from your main gig.

The (self imposed) pressure will be off you and the effects will only be positive.

Do not think that you have no time, you do.

A tip from me I use Evernote.

Both the app and the web version.  This means that I can wake up and capture ideas on my smartphone.  Or I can do it when I am out and about, making journeys etc.

So whenever you see me furiously taping at the scream on my iPhone I am most likely writing - not playing Candy Crush.

Later in when I sit at the laptop it is all synced up online ready for me to post into my blog.

Workflow could not be simpler and it does not feel like it takes up more any time my day.

I love this feeling of creative abundance. To look over what I have created so far and see the improvement makes me want to and enjoy doing more. 

It's understandable why artists known for one thing then switch from endeavour to endeavour (aside from the financial gain which can only satisfy so much) is the enriching of your soul. Witnessing what you are capable of is heady stuff. You become addicted and want to make more. 

In moments of hindsight I wondered what was to gain in holding back. Why be so afraid when the personal rewards are so great? 

If it is in you calling out to try, then do so. 

It feels good. 


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)