Attraction - The First Review

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I do not (yet?) have children but I have friends who do and they all talk of that heart wrenching day when their precious offspring are deposited at the gates of their new school and the severing of the apron strings begins. 

So many thoughts and emotions. 

Pride, fear, love, worry, desolation. 

Will their child be the funky popular one, the joker, the nerd, the loner or even the bully?

As someone who cares there is only one you can do.

Let go. 

My 'baby' is my work. My music, and any creative endeavours I offer for public consumption. 

Some may not think it the same but look at the parallels.  

Here is something I have nurtured from its conception, birthed it, shaped it as best I could, loved, watched it grow into its own entity and then nervously guided it out into the world. 

I am still struck by moments wondering if I did enough, should I have spent more time on certain aspects, will what stands be understood? 

In the instance of music that means facing the opinions and standing up to their critiques. 

I also have to bear in mind that most people will only show interest in what I do based on what they have been told by somebody they trust. 

My name currently has no impact on anybody other than those who know me personally and a few early supporters. 

In order to spread the word about my music and me, I need to allow tastemakers with a trusted audience to speak about what they find in my work. This has to be done with little or no introduction from me. 

Now is not the time to run ahead with excuses, defending or explaining any of my decisions. 

I have to believe that I have done enough and let the work gather its merits. 

Or not. 

'Attraction' collected her first review this week and it was a good one. Written by David Horn from the music website GIGglepics. 

I loved his writing as much as I enjoyed having favourable things written about my song. It is always interesting to find out whether your intention is apparent and resonates. With this writer it the case so now anybody who reads David's review will if they so choose listen to 'Attraction' expecting good things. 

Now I need many, many more Davids. 

I also have be prepared because not everybody is going to get it. 

There may be preconceived ideas about my music based on judgements about my character, mindset of even my choice of shoes. 

How will I feel when the opinions are not so favourable? 

Will I be able to understand and move on from somebody not liking me or my work? 

I cannot say until the moment arrives. All I know is that I intend to stay steadfast in my art and truth and have the courage to follow my heart and develop into the creator I have always dreamed I could be. 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)