The Quiet Ones

Back when I used to make a habit of watching the television news there was a recurring situation that always fascinated me. 

It would mostly take place after a particularly horrific event, usually a massacre. People who knew the perpetrator were perplexed and would commonly say, '....but he/she seemed like such a nice quiet person. I'm in shock..'

The quiet ones. 

These overlooked and misunderstood are the ones to watch but the attention always follows the loudest mouths in the room. Those who are consumed with filling the space with the sound of their voices are not thinking or contemplating. 

Whatever you hear is the sum total of their minds content. 

The quietest think the deepest. They can observe and truly understand. Their presence contains more power for when they do act, others notice. 

Being a Quiet One myself I fully understand the character and qualities of the type. 

We know that maintaining our peace is sacred and will only break it for deserving reasons. Talking for talking sake is ridiculous and often those who do so will say ridiculous things and it will astound and often frustrate us when the majority cannot see this. 

The world we inhabit is a noisy place our senses are being stimulated constantly and it is easier to be swept along with the 'entertainment' forced upon us and believe that we are living our lives instead of seeing we are ricocheting from moment to moment on other people's ideals. 

Very few people have ideas of their own.

The Quiet Ones know this. In our observation we recognise and identity the influence people are under and for some one day it becomes too much to handle and they either explode or implode. 

There is truth in the quote that the quietest people have the loudest minds.

So loud that our thoughts can drown out the audible nonsense we too frequently encounter. 

If you are a Quiet One too trust me,I know your journey and urge you to find an outlet. Even if it is just for you. 

And to those who fail to understand and think that the ones who rarely speak are unusual, try something new.

Approach one of us. Talk to us directly. Sit in a corner of the room and have a real conversation. 

Once you start to see the world from the quiet side you may never want to speak again. 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)