Suspended Animation

When I first started recording the songs that I will be releasing over the next year no idea that I would be taking the whole project on myself.

My plan was based on the traditional route of a singer/songwriter. 

Record demos and then approach record labels and publishing companies/ secure deals and move forward. 

But then I realised that I could end up spending a lot of time and energy trying to find the right person at the right company with the spare time to even take a look at what I was doing and then for them to decide whether I had what they would consider viable for their business to take a risk.

Too many ifs, buts and maybes. 

Also because I had had enough of working for someone else after being made redundant I was looking closely at what was happening online in general with Internet marketing and the way that people were making a very substantial living.  The business models seemed open to be incorporated into any market. 

As I dug a little deeper and started to connect to Music Marketing experts online I realised that I was not alone in the way that I was thinking.  So I decided to set up the company around myself. My focus would then be on making some great music and then getting on with finding my own audience. ie moving forwards. 

What I did not consider were the many multitudes of tasks involved and as the leanest of startups they would have to be done by myself.  In the long term this will be beneficial as I know exactly what needs to be done in all departments and therefore when the time comes and funds accommodate outsourcing, I can effectively communicate the points of the job role. 

In the meantime there are many balls to juggle, plates to spin, and much patting of the head whilst rubbing the tummy. 

In my frequent debriefs and general catch ups with fellow Musicpreneur, Producer and friend, Queen Nina I, I often just sigh and whimper, 'All I ever wanted to do was to write some songs and sing 'em!'

But that's not strictly true. I always wanted to run my own company, be my own boss, make decisions that effected every stitch and detail. The idea of compromising any of that still seemed like employment and that view was always highlighted when I would see respected original artists talk about the entrapment they felt in their recording contracts. Yet for a long while that seemed like the only possible way to make your music available to a worldwide audience. 

So here I am, starting my own company.  My wishes have come and are coming true but I have to admit that there are times when everything feels like it's all up in the air. 

I have written at least 3 timeline plans for 2013 and although a lot has been achieved there are still areas that remain unfinished. 

The best explanation I have for this is suspended animation. All various components are slowly converging but none is completed. There is always another detail, an email, a phone call, something that needs to be addressed but it seems to be working. 

Each day there is another moment of interest a Tweet, a FB Like or even a message from a colleague from years ago that let me know that, although slow, this is moving in the right directions. Forwards and upwards. 

The points on the list of skills I have had to acquire grows daily. I have also had to adopt a mindset that requires daily motivation, positive thinking and unshakeable self belief. 

Life is by no means rosy at the moment, in fact I cannot think if a time when I experienced more uncertainty in so many areas but the only way I can see myself through this period safely is hold fast to the vision I have and bring it forward into the world. 

Maybe the only time it will ever calm down again is when it stops. 

And thankfully that will be my choice too. 


Love Yourself! 


Thank you for being here at the beginning. If you like please share. :)