Stealth Saboteurs

In the past couple of days an event has taken place that has shown me how much I have achieved and how much I have grown. 

The barometer for this came from outside observation from various people and my reaction to it. 

Earlier this year I decided to fully emabrace the Raw Vegan lifestyle and also for aim for optimal fitness. 

Even though health and wellness has been a focus of mine always, misinformation and emotional and unconscious behaviours/reactions meant that I was never achieving what I knew was possible.  

Tired of the merry go round I committed to dealing with this issue once and for all. This has involved some deep introspection and inspection of myself but I now have an education on nutrition that made the Whys so clear that the doing was easy. 

I have developed a deep love for myself that I did not realise was not present and had taken offence at the suggestion that I was not self loving. Now I see that my reaction to that was because a truth had been exposed. 

If I did truly love myself I would not ever punish myself with poor food choices and general disregard for my body. 

As I gained more knowledge I understood how hard my body was working to keep me alive despite the abuse ladled upon it and that what I believed to be flaws were in fact this mighty machine protecting me and keeping me safe. 

What would happen if I just gave it less defence work to do? How good could I feel and look? 

There is so much shame poured into our minds daily about our form. 

The truth about what we need not just to survive but thrive is hidden. 

The more I found out and applied to myself and saw results the more frustrated I was because I knew this information was hidden. 

All I could do was be an example if what could be achieved.  To show my peers a transformation and if they were interested then guide them through their own. 

Something that worked really well for me in visualisation. Seeing and embodying the new version of myself. Feeling how she walked, dressed and ate. 

However I forgot something. 

The very thing that had happened times before and eventually sent me backwards to an uncomfortable comfort zone. 


Caught in the excitement of progressing in your goals it can be easy to forget that although people may applaud you your success and unshakable discipline will highlight their lack of the same. 

They neither praise nor demonise you. Rather they state the facts about what you have accomplished. It is then that their (sometimes unconscious) true feelings emerge. 

Dressed up as concern a suggestion/plea is made for you to go no further. 

This statement always comes from the mouths of those who want what you have but have yet to do the work required to achieve it. 

Previously this would have sent me backwards, questioning myself and ultimately undoing everything but this time I caught myself and understood where the other person was coming from. 

I suspect I will have many more encounters like this but until somebody with real knowledge and experience speaks to me I know there is no issue. 

In my mind I see where I want to go and what I want to achieve in life clearer than ever before and my resolve is galvanised with knowledge and experience. 

There are changes that need to be made. Initially inside and once that is working it manifests without. 

That is when it is obvious you are moving forward and for some they interpret that as being left behind and will do whatever to keep you back. 

Love them. 


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

Please share. ;)