Diminished Dreams

2014-02-06 12.07.38.jpg

There you are going along your merry way planning your life and putting the pieces together for the grand plan.

Then somebody asks a simple question that makes you look at what you are aiming for with new eyes.

Suddenly what you are doing seems so small in comparision to the dream thought you held. 

When did you clip your own wings?

 Instead of launching rockets in the sky have I been skimming stones across the surface? Am I not stepping up as high proud as I should?

 Perhaps so.

What a wake up call.

Now is time to reevaluate. To really examine what progress I have made and am making and put hot fire under it.

I have allowed instances and the narrow ideals of others temper my desires and although still out of the ordinary I these are not the original plans.

Moments like this occur often but it is all to easy to brush them aside and make excuses. Yes this that happened but it is time to fly inspite of. Not settle for a vague approximation of.

Much to think about.


Love Yourself!


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