So Here It Is

This is the time of year that many people look forward to. For those who are lucky to be on great terms with their family and friends it is a time for great excitement but there are also many who do not feel this way. 

They feel external pressure to have a good time and to be around people that on paper should be their chief source for emotional support but seem to cause the most pain and misunderstanding. 

Life and it's various events can cause rifts so deep between those initially so close that any chance of reconciliation seems like a pipe dream.  

The images of happy, celebrating people is so stark in contrast to their reality because the holidays never bring good cheer.   

Christmas is for some about giving, fun and maybe reconciliation but also it can be the perfect time for reflection, review and renewal.  

Whatever your kind of holiday, my wish to you is Peace.  

Peace between the people and the hearts that you need to feel it with and peace for yourself.  


Love Yourself!  


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Carol Mae WhittickComment