New Year, New You

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We begin each New Year with hope. Hope that recurring patterns of any dysfunction will be broken and that we can ascend to greater versions of ourselves. That long-held aspirations will be met and the changes we have longed for will be finally realised. 

For the majority these proclamations are made in such a flippant way that they can scarcely remember saying the words and very soon into the second week of January life has settled back into the old comfortable but uninspiring routine.  

Change is hard at the beginning because it requires taking a personal inventory and admitting the truth to ourselves.  
Where have we been lazy, ignorant or fearful?  Why did we continue for so long on a path that was clearly leading nowhere? What have we lost because of it?

Change is hard once we make the decision to implement it. Every fibre of our being longs for things as they were. The time we used to squander on needless tasks and empty conversations. The food that we labelled as treats that tasted good but provided nothing but a temporary high and suppressed our emotions whilst depriving us of the health necessary to live the life we are avoiding.  
Taking those initial steps require facing pains. Working through the soreness of our muscles or ignoring the taunts of our ego. 

Change continues to be hard as the results of our new found discipline become apparent to those around us. For those still not committed to their own goals, your progress serves as a stark reminder of what they have yet to achieve and promises they have broken to themselves.  
There will be criticism from the people you least expect to hear from and often their words will be phrased as encouragement but the energy and intent will feel different. 
You are inspiring them and they have landed squarely in the first phase of change and you remember that, facing those questions.  

Whether big or small, making changes eventually becomes habitual and somewhat addictive. It is a way of travelling without moving.
Any difference you create in yourself attracts a new life around you.  


Love Yourself! 


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