Self Sabotage


It all seems to be going well. You are making progress. This time is the breakthrough.  

And then something happens... 

We are complex creatures, we desire to change and are not always comfortable in the positions it places us in.  

Success, whatever that means to you, requires that most of what you identify as your current life needs to change. Shedding the familiar is not easy, which explains why so few achieve to the extent they say they desire. 

Are you prepared to feel vulnerable and exposed? Can you face the reaction from the people that will be triggered by your transformation?  

If you find yourself circling at the same point once again it is highly likely that you are sabotaging your expansion. Even if it appears that something outside of you created the situation. 

Truth is we are powerful, more so than we can truly fathom and if on some level we feel afraid of what our greater selves will bring us we will find some way to justify staying where we are. 

But sooner or later staying the same will become unbearable and we will need to move on. The drive to go forward allows us to overcome any perceived fears.  

Push through it. The world needs a bigger you.  

Love Yourself! 

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