Quote Junkie

I am a quote junkie and if you follow me on Twitter  I tweet one out every morning at 9am GMT. 

Quotes are almost as polarising as Marmite. There are those who love them and others who find them cliché, cheesy and self-righteous.

For me quotes are a usually a sound bite of a great truth from a person who has stepped out and made an achievement that inspires me.

These are the views and insights I want to and need to hear.

When I come across a quote that resonates I take a moment to really think about the words and see how I can incorporate that wisdom in my life.

Thanks to the wonderful tool of Google I am also learning about people who I would probably never have known about had it not been for their quotes that I usually find via social media. Granted the attributions are not always 100% accurate but the words remain the same and they are the most important aspect.

Quotations and their accompanying memes are ubiquitous and as a result being dismissed but it is usually the things that are taken for granted that hold the most value.

Over time I will be posting about my favourite quotes and how they have impacted my life.

Until the next time,

Love Yourself.