If Anything Is Possible...

If anything is possible, 
Let it be so.
I’m following my heart,
Where shall we go?

You could call this my tagline or my mission statement but instead of being the result of a brainstorming session it comes from a very distinct moment in my life.

If anything is possible…

Many years ago, possibly more than ten, I went to a Sound Therapy workshop run by a man called James D’Angelo. He started the day by demonstrating overtone singing – amazing.

If you ever get the opportunity to witness this live – go!

Later on, using singing bowls and tuning forks, he led the group into the deepest state of mediation/hypnosis that I have ever experienced. I found myself in a ‘place’ that was expansive, eternal a deep, deep dark blue.

Then, from just behind my left side, I heard a voice say, ‘Anything is possible.’

Whose voice was it?


I’m following my heart…

You would think after having a profound experience like that I would change the course of my life and truly trust my instincts and intuition. Well, not exactly.

In fact, not at all for a very long time.

Until now.

Love Yourself,