Live Forever

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In the past couple of weeks there have been deaths of some aspiring and influential figures. Particularly in music. 

When the news comes it always feels like a personal loss even though for the majority of us, what we know of the person is their persona and work. Even if years have passed since we engaged in their output or even gave them a passing thought realising that they are no longer somewhere living life is always a shock.

For some reason, we imagine they have immortality and in some respects they do. Their recordings, writings, paintings and performances will always be captured in some tangible form allowing us to re-experience the force they expressed while they were alive. 

Closer to my life there are losses. Friends have lost parents and the days of a close family member are coming to end.  

In a more intimate way, I am reviewing their art and performances. The influence and inspiration I was granted because they were part of my life.  The problems we overcame, the misunderstandings, the joys and even days that seemed to pass without events. 
All of these light and shade create a unique tapestry that cannot be replicated and will not be forgotten. Something to recall and rexeperince always. 

Saying goodbye is never easy. Getting used to that space and trying to move back into a functional state is hard when the heart is heavy. Because we are uncertain about what happens on the other side of life our minds can only imagine that there is nothing but we do not know for sure so there is a possibility that there is something and that should give us hope. 

Whether your name is chanted by millions or a devoted few your life is a work of art.  


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading.  

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