High Resolutions?


Statistically by this time of year the majority of people who have set themselves New Years resolutions have given up on their goals. As much as they wanted to follow through and have this year finally be the year there is always something that comes up and the focus is lost. 

One of my goals this year is to increase my fitness. I already practice yoga, almost daily and although there is a long way to go the habit is well cemented and I enjoy the challenge. 

Running is a different matter. This is especially frustrating because I was so fit that I was a competing athlete with an Olympic Champion coach. 

Now here I am trailing behind my running club colleagues, out of breath and in pain wanting it to be over almost as soon as I start.  

But then I remember how I felt at the beginning of my yoga journey. The poses I can hold with ease were once a challenge to me. Each time I would feel new muscle awaken and taunt me with a dull ache the next day.  

Once each class is over part of me wants to run again. Although my progress is slow in my mind I can see the runner I will be in Springtime.  The aches and stiffness I feel as less than when I first started. I am getting better.  Knowing I am even one inch closer keeps me going. 

Did you start this year with a goal that you have already let slide? Pick it up again. It is not too late. The beginning is always tough. Building that new habit is a battle with the old mindset that you have lived with. 

See yourself there already. Plan the rewards for each target passed. The time is going to pass anyway.  

Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. 

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