Let If Go

Let If Go.png

I am a person who is open to new ideas and can often see possibilities yet I do still procrastinate.
The Mavericks in society are those who start immediately and figure the kinks out along the way. I am more of an Early Adopter, which is no bad thing but there is room for growth. 

I can see how trying to reason and be assured of success has cost me in the past because I faltered and did not trust the instinct to move forward.  

The age we live in now presents so many possibilities and is moving so quickly. I am being called to take leaps and the information I need is presenting itself to me almost in confirmation that this is the way I should go. 

Despite all this there is still that little niggle, a pause.  

I am pushing through.
Without the ifs, buts and maybes I can be free to soar.  

Love Yourself! 

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