Fight Or Float?

Fight Or Float_.png

Sometimes even when you have commitments, circumstances will not be in your favour and people will be let down.  Even though you explain and apologise you will not be heard. It will be perceived as a personal attack and you will only realise this later on when the other party has the opportunity to be gracious yet chooses not to be. 

So what should I do? I am within my rights to go in harder and I can see that they are acting out of revenge. They were hurt and so want to hurt me back.  

It is not really working. I am very frustrated but not hurt. I want to state my case but I realise I am not dealing with reasonable people. This is a time for recalling the quotes that I liked on every meme online, being patient and forgiving because there is still the urge act otherwise.

However, this is not an indefinite act of passivity and we are fast approaching my deadline. Up until then I am breathing deeply and trusting that there is a purpose to this problem.  

If and when the time comes I will be learning to win with peace.  

Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading.  
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