Just Do It!


If you have ever had a flash of inspiration you will know that it will rarely strike at a convenient time and it will often not make logical sense.

So what should you do? Take action anyway! 

When you drift awake in the morning, stroll through nature or relax in the bath, your discerning mind moves aside and the creative right side of the brain is allowed entertain you. Now, solutions, insights and ideas present themselves as options. Unfortunately the moment we start to consider any of these opportunities the inner critic raises its opinionated voice. 

How many times have you thought about starting a business, writing a book, travel or actually giving that dream career a chance only to be jolted back to 'reality' by your own thoughts?
'It will never work.'
'You cannot make a living.'  
'People will laugh.' 
'You are too old/young.' 

And on & on...  

While these may seem sensible they are not true. Sensible, responsible, practical all appear to be code words for a secure life but leave little room for the magic.

The main concern is usually money. There is no reason to suddenly cut off your source of income in pursuit of your ideas but it should give you something to consider. If you only have one true source of income then you are not being sensible, responsible, practical or fair to yourself. 

Unless you love the work that brings in this sole stream of money you are compromising your happiness. You will have made decisions based on finances which would have gone against your tries feelings. Whether it be working with/for people you do not like, longer hours, not getting the holiday times you requested or receiving the respect/promotion that is yours.  

If any part of you feels a lack of enthusiasm about your present work take it as a nudge from your soul asking you to reconsider.  

It may seem that there is little time in your day for you to pursue a dream but there is. Even waking up earlier in the morning by 30 minutes create an extra 2.5hours in your week. This may feel hard to do initially. But you build a little momentum after spending a couple of weeks arriving to work knowing that you have started the day doing something towards what you love. 

Then you can reframe what your current employment means to you. Instead of it just being work it becomes your dream funding source and a place to learn about business and especially about people.  

Protect your dreams especially in these early days. As you step further away from the path most people take you will find that not everyone is supportive and it is usually because you are showing the courage others wish they had. 
Do not let that deter you. There are many people stepping out tentatively, giving their whims a chance.  

It may not be the easiest road but it is the most rewarding. But then ask yourself how much easier is it to live an unfulfilled life? 

The reason for your dreams is they can save you.  

Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading.
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