Everything Is You


The area of manifestation that is often difficult to take responsibility for is the creation of situations that are not pleasant or wanted.
It is difficult to admit that the outer results have anything to do with us.

Placing the blame on parents, government media or society may seem justified but that train of thought puts us in the position of a victim blown by the whims of external forces.

The truth is all of these exist as a result of our collective manifestation. We are affected, whether positively or negatively, because some part of us recognises ourselves. If there was nothing of us present within it,  it would go unnoticed by us.
Now that we have acknowledged that we are part of the issue, often simply because we have allowed it to happen, we can be empowered to consciously create what we want.

The world is waking up to the fact that we have not used our individual powers effectively. Maybe it had to get this bad before we were kicked into taking action.

We have been divided and conquered even though on a deep level this has never felt right.
Part of you knows you are everything.

Love Yourself!

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