Good Vibrations


Have you ever noticed how they way you feel can change suddenly?  The presence of a particular person or being stuck in a cycle of thought can shift your perspective from bad to good and vice versa. 

The intricacies of our bodies are mostly a mystery to us. We still do not fully understand the control we hold in our lives and how we are creating every aspect of it. 

However, we are not completely ignorant and now know enough to be conscious of what we experience. 

First we much reclaim our power and accept responsibility. It is too easy to continually blame the external forces of media, government and society for steering our lives into the darker places. 

There may be problems but there are also solutions. In order to believe in solutions you cannot spend too long drowning in the mire of the problem because there will appear to be no hope. To be in the problem is to emit a vibration of the problem and as a result more problems and people committed to problems will surround you.

Misery loves company but so does Joy.  

If you are not sure what vibration you are emitting take a look around you. Who do you see frequently? What do you talk about? Or simply do you feel good? 

If each of us is vigilant about what expose ourselves to, the thoughts we continually think and what we say then individually our vibration will rise. 

It is easier said than done as there is so much surrounding us determined to pull is down. Acknowledge it and move on.  

Commit to rise higher.  

Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading.  
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