Attraction - The Visual Vision

For many years I have often wondered what it would be like to shoot a video to accompany one of my songs. I visualise each and every song I write.

There is always a definite idea in my mind but it has only been this time around that the opportunity and a valid reason to create a video has been present.

The experience of a video shoot and all its required preparation was not new to me having worked on other projects in front of and behind the scenes knew what I was getting myself into but this was all mine and it just needed to be as right as it could possibly be.

Initially, my all controlling intention was to direct and cut the video myself, something that will happen in the future but after my initial meeting with Jono at King's Cross Media I decided to hand main aspects of the production because there was going to be a lot to manage on the day as well as having to deliver a great performance. 

It was possibly too big a bite for the first time around. 

My vision on this was to create a strong female presence.There needed to be a memorable image that could serve to identify the track and also stay with the CMW brand that I am building.

Bold iconic words and images came to my mind. She needed to be mysterious, commanding. A conjuress creating her environment to meet the specifications of her desires.  

I thought of powerful women and how they are portrayed.

A woman's armour is her clothing. What else can announce to the world that you mean business than well chosen garments? How you dress can speak up for you when you have few words or even less intention to make a noise. 

The obvious starting point was the Power Suit from the 1980's with the exaggerated shoulder pads. All curves and feminine softness disguised by the two piece corporate version of an American Football quarter-backer.

I also felt the need for a headpiece of some sort and decided to explore on my growing fascination with turbans. 

At the time there was an online phenomenon with twerking and while I had no intention of personally adding my attempts to the foray.

I understood the effectiveness of an identifiable and easily adopted move to the performance.

By combining these basic ideas the Attraction image came to life.

She manifested a

'A Bogle-ing Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard meets The Golden Girls' Blanche Devereaux.'

The next challenge was to find the clothing that would then correctly express this.

The video has two distinct scenes;

-The literal storyline of Attraction. A performer attracting to herself physical items that ultimately embolden her. 

-The performance scene. The main (hopefully) memorable persona of the piece. 

For the storyline scenes finding the clothing was relatively easy because what was required were additions to a simple starting outfit. The final piece, the cape, I made myself. you can see how I did it in this video.

The performance outfit was trickier. I had no real ideas even in the week before the shoot which was playing too close for comfort with the time.  

How did I find the dress in the end?

In the spirit of the song I saw a link to a designer by a photographer that I was following on Instagram. Her entire collection was filled with pieces that could work. There was that distinct 1980's feel with the exaggerated shoulders without obliterating all aspects of femininity. 

This was it!

I sent her an email and a couple of days later I met Gerda Truubon at her home and left with one of her dresses on loan to me for the shoot. 

This was on the preceding Saturday to the Tuesday shoot.


Recently I was looking through my Pinterest board and came across a pin of a Jean Paul Gaultier Couture dress that had obviously caught my imagination. 

Look at the post picture.

What do you think?

Attraction in action!!


Love Yourself!



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