Attraction - Cut To Fit

There comes a point in the creation of a tune when the decision needs to be made. 

It is done.  

Enough is enough. 

No more mixing, no more sounds, no additional bars of music. 

This is it. 

The definitive version. 

Step back survey your work.

Leave it alone.  

Get it mastered. 

Send it out into the world. 

Move onto your next piece.  

I felt that I had reached this point with Attraction.  After months of experimentation and a salvation from a bad mix experience we had IT.

This would be how the world would receive the song. 

Now take a look at both of your hands. Which two fingers are surplus to requirements?  What digits could you remove and still recognise your hands as your own? 

Do you really need all ten to function? Or are you so used to having the full set that any absences would seem unthinkable?

Why would I, especially as a pianist, ask such a question?

The final version of Attraction runs at about 4:36 in length which is no problem if you choose to watch the video (this runs even longer) or listen to the track on your own device. 

I would like the song up be heard on radio and for that purpose it is at least 37 seconds too long. 

Some of it needs to go. 

How do I know where to slice?

Will the essence and originality of the song remain after 20% has been discarded? 

The immediately obvious edits would be to remove the piano intro and bridge line but I am adamant that they remain. 

The instrument is as much a part of the song because it carries countermelody variations and is as much a part of my artist identity as my voice. 

Also, I think the listener deserves a brief reprieve from my warbling and I would like to imagine people playing air piano to my improvising. 

Why should it just be the guitarists that receive Godlike status? 

I can still sing note for note the guitar, strings and sax solos from my favourite Pop music radio hits. 

Yet is seems to be the exception these days considered an over indulgence in genres outside the obvious such as  Jazz and Classical. 

Contrary to common belief I believe the everyday listener has the capacity to appreciate an instrumental moment that is more than a token motif.

 A message can be conveyed understood by a non musician just as profoundly without words. 

So with the assistance of Producer Queen Nina The First. There now exists a compact and bijou Radio Edit ready for exposure to the masses.  

I know this happens with most songs. Radio time is not guaranteed or easy to aquire. Air space is finite and songs need to comply to certain criteria to even be in with a chance. 

Like all artists I believe that my song has a place in the world and an, as yet unfound, audience who will appreciate it. To give the song a chance for those ears to hear it I need to do this. 

Those who connect with the song will eventually hear it as it was intended to be heard. 

The story rolls on...


Love Yourself! 


Thanks for reading. Please share. ;)