Attraction: Reloaded - Just Putting It Out There

Sometime in the not too distant future, subsequent generations will view our current technology with mild condescending nostalgia.

In the same way we are amazed at the ability of a disc of grooved plastic to disrupt and revolutionise an industry the 'cutting edge' technologies of today will seem quaint and antiquated. 

Until such time let us marvel and rejoice at what tools and possibilities are easily available to us.

This week I uploaded Attraction: Reloaded to my account at my online aggregator of choice, Tunecore, so that within weeks it will be available for digital purchase and streaming. 

For those whom the last sentence made little sense, and why should it, I will clarify. 

Prior to being able to get music online the only other ways of owning music was to purchase a physical carrier of it. The most recent form being the CD which required manufacture and distribution. This made the aspirations of many who wanted to record and release music nearly impossible due to the cost and lack of connections required.  

Technology has now placed the power and options into the hands if those willing to seize the opportunity. 

So now instead of needing hundreds of thousands of pounds, factories, manpower, freight trains, planes and automobiles, with the click of a button and for less than £10 sterling Attraction: Reloaded will be distributed across the world. 

Of course now it is available its time to let people know. 

That is next part if the journey...


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

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