Thought For Food

One of my growing passions is food, health and wellness. 

The more I learn about the effects of what we consume on the body the more I want to scream from the rooftops.  

It is a simple equation of what you eat, you are.  

When I see people close to me suffering and I know that a great proportion of what they deal with could be eliminated with wiser choices, I feel powerless. 

Change is not something that many can embrace easily and even as a preventative measure. For most the only time a switch is made is at a critical point.  
When your days are busy with work and all other responsibilities choosing what to eat is based on convenience and in the short term convenience equals time and money. Rarely are the options available beneficial to good health. 

I am no saint but I am very aware now of what food is doing to me and I know now that if an item has a label on it telling me it is healthy it most probably is not.  
There is so much information and counter information around these days that it is difficult to know what the truth is but deep down we all know something or a least have a feeling about it. 

I am currently reading Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss. It is a book that looks into the practices of the food industry and even after reading the preface I was saddened.  

Food is essential in our lives and the very life force of the population is being tampered with. As a result the health and therefore the quality of our lives is being compromised. 
This is not just in the creation of these 'foods' but then in the message that is sent out to convince us that they are right for us. Many play on the guilt and fears. 

What can be done? It may seem like a David and Goliath situation. How can one person bring about a change?

I understand that not everyone feels so strongly that they choose to fight against the big corporations but I do not think that is how it needs to be.
Let those with the voice do their work. We need them to be there.
What we can do is start with ourselves and in our environs. 

What works for me is bringing in more and more of what food I know is serving my body and therefore enriching my life. It is not about denial at all but what happens as a result is those foods that make me slow, cloudy minded and bloated are edged out without any effort.

The people around may comment and often they will joke and try to put you off your path but understand that this a deeper level challenging you. Your positive choices are only highlighting an area of themselves they know needs to be addressed. 

Stay strong and stay on it. When you want to inspire change in others you have to lead by example. Over time  when the results of your lifestyle become visible those very same detractors will be coming to you for advice and become admirers of your strength. 

It happens every time.  


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading.

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