System Update


The start of a New Year brings into focus what we want to bring in our lives for better and what needs to go. However there will always be parts that will have to stay, the everyday and often mundane tasks that seem to take up so much time.  

Most of us use technology and are familiar with the regular updates the programmes need in order to operate faster and deal with the shifting demands. We are also a technology but when was the last time we installed our newest update? 

Are you still relying on information that was force fed to you at school when the idea of a touch screen phone would have been laughable? How relevant are the majority of your qualifications? 

There is still a lot of fear and misunderstanding surrounding technology but it is a tool available to liberate us. If we take time to learn what it can do for us.  

Similarly, updating our own systems, changing the programme, emptying the trash will help us to be highly functioning. 

Faster. Stronger. Slicker.  

Happy 2018!

Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading.  
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