Secret Admirer


Gaining the approval of those we feel the need to impress can often place us at a disadvantage. Our nearest and dearest only wish the best for us and in doing so can occasionally place limits on what they think we should do. Also, if you are driving for success in a field they are not familiar with gaining valid support or understanding can be impossible. Stepping out into unknown territory is difficult enough without looking to people who have no experience of it to fully recognise the many milestones that are necessary to achieve your success. 

In a world where money equals achievement, spending years barely breaking even makes little sense even though you can see the gradual progress and feel the benefit of your 'failures'. Inevitably one of your well-meaning friends/family will question why you would want to continue to pursue your path when you have been trying so hard for so long and still you have nothing. 

Your response and your stance is everything. There will be times when you are caught during a period of frustration and those sentiments mirror the doubts in your mind. It would be so easy to quit and do something else. 

The security that most people cling to is a facade. Your offering is unique because it can only stem from you. It takes time because you are carving your place in the world and not simply walking down a well-trodden path. 

Another truth that is easy to forget is that for every person who dares to approach you with discouraging 'advice', there is at least another watching, admiring your moves and quietly willing you forward. They know your success will create a way they are presently too fearful to begin but your achievement and sheer tenacity are inspiring them. 

It would be lovely if those who rooted for us told us or the ones we want to root for us did. Often that's not the way it goes but do not stop. 

To someone you are everything.  

Love Yourself  

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