Positivity Fails

Positivity Fails.png

I have realised a potential pitfall in my desire to always look on the bright side of life. The creative in me sees the best possible outcome and while overall this is no bad thing, it has meant that on numerous occasions the red flags of reality are ignored. 

This tendency has repeated itself so many times that and I wonder why I not learned from it. Maybe on some level I enjoy the pain? 

There is a famous quote by Maya Angelou, ’When somebody shows you who they are believe them,’ that now holds a new importance for me because if I am being honest, I in every experience I knew and/or felt the truth very early on and yet  still chose to ignore it.  
This has happened in work, friendships, relationships and living situations, there has been that similar unease that I have clouded out with my rose tinted reasoning. Yes, there is always potential to be better everywhere but the facts are few care to put in the work to achieve it. 

Now it has happened one time too many. Lesson learned. Finally I hope.  I will accept what is actually in front of me and until it chooses changes itself.  

Its not always love and light.  

Love Yourself! 

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