In My Own Time

Should you ever wish to call me at a time that you consider ‘too early’ you may be pleasantly surprised. 

I will most likely be awake and would have been so for some time. 

It should not be too surprising that many people consider this to be odd but this fits into my time scale perfectly. If I needed to be at a place of work for a 9am start waking up at 4am may not seem like the practical thing to do.

This time of morning is so peaceful and and sacred. While the rest of the world sleeps the noise and distraction is non existent. 

The senses are not being bombarded. No sirens, conversations, smells outside of those I decide to be part of.

There is now space to think, ruminate, to allow ideas to flow in and out. I study, read and meditate and when I am done I go out to my yoga class. If I need to be anywhere during office hours I know that I have done a good few hours of work for myself. 

Knowing that there are going to be no disturbances means I relax into this time. It is unlikely that the phone will ring or that there will be someone at the door.

The season is turning now here in London but during the height of Summer I could watch the sun rise from my bedroom window. One morning I left out 1 hour early because the sun was so bright and clear. 

People travel for thousands of miles to sit and watch the movement of the sun but all of this happens here too. If you choose to be awake to see it.

Rising just ahead of the sun makes me appreciate every moment of the day. 

The idea of getting up at noon seems alien to me. A waste of the opportunity to witness a miracle taking place. 

The picture accompanying this post was taken this morning at 6.12am on my way to my yoga class through my favourite park. #nofilter

I was so awestruck by the beauty of it that I had to prompt my self to capture the picture. 

The skys activity holds such a fascination to me. I have many friends across the world and yet we are all united under the same. 

It is my wish to start travelling soon, with my writing and music and general wanderlust. 

For all the new things I hope to encounter, there will be certain constants.

I will be up early and then the sun will join me.


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

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