Get High


Do you know what you need to do to get into a good mood? Are there activities you do that excite so much that even the thought of them starts to alter your state? 

If you do know do it, and do it more frequently.  

The world needs it.  

When reality looks bleak it is too easy to believe that they only way deal with it is to find external something to uplift us. 

Food, drink, television, shopping. Even if we do not consider ourselves to be addicts we are looking outside of ourselves for upliftment.  

The truth of the truth is - as ever - we have the power.  

Find a way to be so juiced that strangers will stop you on the street to compliment you and people will be curious about what has changed in your life.

Imagine if each of us consciously chose to do this and when asked we could tell people that the answer is simple and free. It all comes from inside.  

What changes could be made if that started a ripple effect? 

Create your own supply.  

Love Yourself! 

Thanks for reading. 
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