Failure Is An Option


Everybody has their unique idea of what success means to them and a belief of how much more improved their lives will be once they have attained it.

The achievement of success and the celebration of those we assume have achieved it is so ingrained in our psyche that the distance between us and them seems so immense that the thought of our own journey appears overwhelming and even impossible.
It is all too easy to be disheartened by the accolades and compensations the successful enjoy if we compare our current situation to theirs. You may be starting a business and struggling to find backers or have cash flow while reading about 7 figure buyouts or trying to stay focused after another rejection while your contemporaries sign new contracts.

What you may choose to perceive as a failure is only a temporary situation, even if your temporary situation lasts longer than a moment.
Every successful person has and will experience failure, the difference is they welcome it and know how to transcend and utilise it. 

It is the ones who never start for fear of failure who never succeed and the ones who revel in the failure of others who are too afraid to even try. 

On the way to success, you fail repeatedly.
Each time it will teach you which way to go, how to refine yourself and furnish you with the strength to enjoy and appreciate your success. 

Love Yourself!

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