Attraction - It Is All From Me

Do you ever find yourself soundtracking your life as if it were a movie? I'm sure I am not the only one who does this. 

Every now and then I will catch myself singing one of my own songs at a pivotal moment and find a perfect fit. 

Somehow as time goes on there is more truth to my lyrics.

This I find astounding because I always write from real events even if the work is for another artist.

How can work that is a snapshot or commentary on the present then develop deeper pertinence and mature like a fine wine?

Could it be that I am telling myself my own future in my songs? 

A friend used to adopt an all knowing vocal tone and often quote one of her Grandmothers sayings to me, 'Coming events cast their shadows, Carol.'

Ain't that the chapter and verse?! 

As I take a step back and survey the pieces of this project and then trace their source, I can see it all originates from one place. 


This may seems like an obvious statement to make, especially from me to myself because now I accept and trust myself implicitly  but there was a time when I believed I could not progress or even begin without external input and subsequently external validation. 

I accept that my lack of progress came largely from my own doing and not the absence of opportunity. 

Now the situation is reversing and I have gone from a master procrastinator into creative overdrive.  

I have an abundance of ideas for everything. 

Maybe I'm making up for what I think is lost time?

Maybe the time before was not my time? 

Maybe there is no time? 

Maybe the post on time should be left for another time? 

The skills I have and need extend far beyond that of just being musician, singer, songwriter and producer.  As if those were not hard enough to master. 

Over the past year I have also had to  embody the roles of web designer (before I outsourced), graphic designer, video editor, stylist, production assistant, location finder, PA, manager, promoter, entrepreneur, student, social media marketer, motivator and on...

After reading that last paragraph back to myself I am smiling.

I feel empowered and happy.

As I wrote in the song, 'It is all from me.'


Love Yourself!


Thank you for reading. 

Please share. ;)