Attraction - The Proof

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When I wrote the song Attraction it was still from the point of view of there being some phenomena called Law Of Attraction. 

I could see how I had reached a certain point in my life and why I had certain experiences within in. The skill I had yet to master was the deliberate  manifestation that so many talked about. 

And I tried.

And kept trying…

Today’s blog post - and all my subsequent work  - is being created,  along with all the essential technical machinations required to publish, from the keyboard of a beautiful new Mac Book Pro. 

To say that I am grateful for this would be a gargantuan understatement.

My previous laptop had served me well but ultimately could only take me so far. 

An upgrade was well over due but the means to acquire my desired item was so far too. 

I knew better than to disregard the computer that was still doing its best to serve me having made a similar mistake years ago, complaining about a mobile phone that was showing fault. The ‘person’ who took it from my bag was not aware of that though, they simply relieved me of the item that I was constantly whining about.

By the time I had replaced the handset I had lost all the numbers because my Filofax had appeared to be a suitable companion to the phone. As a result it was assumed that I was ignoring the calls of a very, very nice gentleman that I was acquainted with and lost him too.

Lesson learned. 

So, I worked around the slowness and was patiently thankful even as tasks that should have taken 10 minutes were never completed in less than an hour. I could achieve what needed to be done as long as I allowed the time to complete it. 

Yet, in my mind I imagined what it would feel like to have a computer that worked as it should. I even picked out the case I would use to carry it in. 

Then ‘by accident’, ‘out of the blue’ or whatever this maybe written off as I received the call that let me know that I was going to be helped. All the more surprising because I had not been in contact with that person for some time. 

Here is Life playing out the Art inspired by Life.

And now for my next trick…


Love Yourself!


Thanks for reading. 

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