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43. The Art Of Love with Kathe Izzo
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Each week I ask the women what is the piece of advice a woman has ever given them

Each week I ask the women what is the piece of advice a woman has ever given them

In this HER Conversations I am speaking to an Artist, Healer, Author Mother/Grandmother, Coach, Teacher , the Creator of LoveElixir and the Founder of The MA Platform. 

My guest this week is Kathe Izzo who is all of the above. 

I’m inspired by Kathe’s ability to move powerfully through the world, guided by love and skillfully being the multifaceted woman that life requires her to be, without forfeiting her charisma or femininity. 

During our conversation Kathe talks about knowing when one chapter of life needs to make way for the next, the vision she has for The MA Project and we also talk briefly about the current conversation on race between women in the spirituality community. 

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14. Creating An International Yoga Business with Sequoia Henning
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This week my guest on HER Conversations is Sequoia Henning founder of Feeling Soul Good her company that runs international yoga teacher trainings. 
I met Sequoia when I travelled to India in February 2017 to study Kundalini yoga. I was inspired by the way she had followed her calling and created a life around it. 
So many of us talk about aspirations to travel or to start a business and yet most of those wishes remain unfulfilled. It was Sequoias willingness to answer her calling that drew me to her and I know will inspire you. 

As we speak you will learn: 
How she discovered yoga, pranayama, meditation, mantra and healed herself
What characteristics you need to develop to be a single woman travelling the world
How to open up allow magic to guide you 

And so much more....

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