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28. Write Your Life with Georgia Woodbine
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Each week I ask my guest to share the best piece of advice a woman has ever given to them

Each week I ask my guest to share the best piece of advice a woman has ever given to them

This weeks guest on HER Conversations is a speaker, author and Lifestyle Transformation Coach Georgia Woodbine. 

She is a great example of someone who, after working in many traditional industries,  has then created a thriving business by identifying her most valuable skills and also provides a service to help elevate others to in the same. 

Her books all stem from experience and now as an author of multiple titles, she teaches others how they too can finally get that book written in 30days! 

In the interview you will find out why people struggle to get their books completed and tips on how to get the momentum started. 

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13. Speaking Out Like A Diva with Shola Kaye
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This week on HER Conversations, my guest is the award-winning public speaker, author and singer Shola Kaye. 

Speaking in public is often listed as one of the most common fears, second to only to flying and even above the fear of death! 

While you may think that you will never need to hone this skill, being able to confidently communicate in front of a group of people can be life-changing. This can be anything from feeling heard within your peer group or family, presenting your ideas and thoughts in a working environment or holding the attention of an audience of 100’s or even 1,000’s of people. 

Shola shares with me:
The advantages introverts have over extroverts
What techniques she uses to prepare before speaking
Ways to familiarise yourself to the audience before you get to the stage
How to use energy shift to keep everyone engaged And of course much more...

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