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62. Mastering Your Energy with Dihessa Bodjona

My guest on this weeks HER Conversations is Energy Coach Dihessa Bodjona. Her gift is to help her clients understand and use their energy to create their desired results in their lives and businesses. 

During our conversation Dihessa shares how needing to make changes for her son made her aware of creating a good energetic environment.

How different areas of the brain are responsible for certain aspects in our life. 

We also discuss the cultural stigmas and misunderstanding surrounding energy work .

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60. Life By Human Design with Aycee Brown
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My guest on this weeks HER Conversations is Intuitive Strategist and Human Design Expert Aycee Brown. 

In her own words, 'Human design is a holistic system that reveals your strengths, illuminates your challenges, and celebrates your divine design. Human design represents a clear reflection of who you are, who gets you, and where you belong in society.'

Aycee knows it her mission to present Human Design in a way that connects, to a people who recognise the advantages of this tool.  

During our conversation she explains the different aura types, gives me  - a Manifesting Generator - a mini reading and some valuable advice, and explains why Beyonce is unstoppable. We also touch on the shift occurring as WOC become more visible as practitioners of a variety of modalities in Spirituality

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58. Manifest Your Life with Fran Leigh
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My guest on this weeks HER Conversations is Author, Spiritual Guide and Teacher, Fran Leigh. She specialises in guiding her clients to remember that they are sovereign beings born to experience the abundant life of their choosing. 

During our conversation Fran shares about how her life changed when she understood the universal principles and saw them working on her life, the disconnect in women that she still witnesses on her retreats and why we need to overcome this. 

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40. 2018 - The Year Of Change with Alexis Jones
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Each week I ask my guest to share the best piece of advice a woman has ever given to them

Each week I ask my guest to share the best piece of advice a woman has ever given to them

A year ago today I published the first full episode of HER Conversations and my guest was Alexis Jones.

To mark the occasion I asked her to come back so that we could talk about how our lives have changed over the last 12 months.
I have always known Alexis as a psychic medium and have experienced her insightful and frank readings. I also know that she has wanted to make changes in her work and business.

During our conversation, we talk about what 2018 meant for each of us
Manifesting your life
Being yourself in a world is threatened by difference.
The everyday reality of choosing your path.
Why Cardi B represents HER
And her own special message for me.

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