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30. Discussing Death with Alua Arthur
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Each week I ask my guest to share the best piece of advice a woman has ever given to them

Each week I ask my guest to share the best piece of advice a woman has ever given to them

My guest on this weeks HER Conversations is Death Doula, Alua Arthur. Her service is to assist those at the end of their lives and their families with all the spiritual and practical necessities. 

Even though we all know that death is something we all will experience, it is rarely talked about without discomfort as if the very discussion will bring death closer. 

During our discussion, Alua talks about the moment she decided to leave her career in Law and become a Death Doula, the insights she has gained from working with the dying and plans we can make today relating to our own death.

The subject matter may seem heavy but remember it is our conditioning that has created that idea. Dying is part of life and it is the unknown aspect that brings in our fear. 

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8. Bereavement, Grief & Moving On with Donna Owindi
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I started HER Conversations as a way of speaking to women whose work fascinates me and facilitates my growth in the belief that this will also do the same for others. 
There is also another aspect that I intend to introduce and today’s episode signals the start of that. 
Like many other people, I have experiences and perspectives that have severely challenged me. Of course all of those have been instrumental in forming who I am today and how I view the world. 
However I many of those events hold some stigma and as a result, are never openly discussed.  
The thing about secrets is they fester and create within us a turbulence that can often hamper our lives. Maybe we are misunderstood, have addictions or continually sabotage our own development. 

So periodically I there will be an episode that is more of a discussion where I and my guest open up about a shared experience. 

Maybe the topic will mirror your life or that of somebody you know or it will simply bring a new understating to something that has not been apart of your story. 

So with all that being said to this weeks episode. I am talking with my good friend Donna Owindi about how the death of a parent impacted our lives. Donnas father passed in January 2016 and my mother in August of that same year. 

We begin by Donna talking about how we met… 

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