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48. Words From HER Women with Carol Mae Whittick
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This week's episode is a compilation of snippets of wisdom from my guests from the past 3 months. 
You will hear them all share when they feel at their most HER and the best piece of advice a woman has ever given to them. 

I also talk a little more about what will be included in HER Life Academy which launches in February 2019. 

Thank you to all the women in this episode:

Ellen Atkins
Mina Adoo
Tichea Brade
Alexis Jones
Pia Kjaergaard
Kathe Izzo
Veronica Jean-Louis
Shelley Parris Williams
Nehanda Truscott-Reid

35. Words From HER Women
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This weeks episode of HER Conversations is a compilation from the last 3 months of interviewees.

The more I to speak to women from all over the world about the work they do the more focused I become about what my contribution should be.

Often I forget this community is still in the minority and that in wider society, the idea of living a life that is a manifestation of your dreams and a courageous answer to your hearts calling is a pipe dream.

There is still a prevalence of pettiness, competition, insecurity and a lack of connection to the powerful beings we are.

I believe that part of my contribution to change is to find these women and give them a platform to share their stories so that we can see what is possible.

The book ‘Shaman Women in Contemporary Society’ by Michele Jamal was recommended to me recently and as I read it I saw that it was HER Conversations in book form. It was published in 1987 so the technology was not available for it to become a podcast. Two of my favourite quotes from the book are;

‘The shaman of today innovates change by making her life work an example of a creative and healing paradigm. She supports herself in a profession and lifestyle that is consistent with her vision.’

‘The women share the vision of healing our planet. They are working toward that vision by utilising their creative gifts, their ability to heal, their personal magnetism, and their leadership.’

Maybe you are still searching out your purpose or taking your first steps into a new life. Maybe you are thinking it has to be a grand gesture.

Maybe it will be.

Whatever it is, I have learned that it is just about following the call of your heart.
Listen to these amazing women all so different and yet there is similarity when they answer my question, HER is an acronym for Higher Energetic Resonance, when do you feel at your most HER and share the best piece of advice they were ever given.