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44. Assisting The Ascending with Veronica Jean-Louis

My guest on this weeks HER Conversations is Veronica Jean-Louis of Higher Realm Holistics. She is a Certified Holistic-Integrative Health Nurse, Empathic Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer and Spiritual Counsellor.

During our conversation, Veronica shares about her own recent career transition and stepping out into her truth as a light-worker guiding others on their ascension journey as they awaken.

We also talk about creating with 5th Dimension energy, the truth about the Twin Flame experience how to collapse timelines and how to really surrender into who we know ourselves to be. She also shares the consequences she faced when she went against her gut feeling.

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18. Playing Your Unique Note with Debbie Jordan-Mills
DEBBIE H.E.R. 2000PX.png
Every week I ask my guests to recall the best piece of advice a woman has ever given them.

Every week I ask my guests to recall the best piece of advice a woman has ever given them.

This week I have the pleasure of speaking to Debbie Jordan-Mills. She is a healer, teacher and awakener whose work includes facilitating sacred women’s groups and providing Reiki attunements. 

During our conversation, Debbie shares her wisdom and insights that address many of the questions arising during a spiritual awakening. 
Have you ever wondered how to protect yourself as a Highly Sensitive Person?
Do you want to know how to find your true soul family? 
What can you really do when it feels when everything in your life is falling apart? 

And if that was not enough Debbie guides us through a unique Soul Song meditation. (A word of caution, please make sure you are not driving or handling any heavy machinery)

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