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60. Life By Human Design with Aycee Brown
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My guest on this weeks HER Conversations is Intuitive Strategist and Human Design Expert Aycee Brown. 

In her own words, 'Human design is a holistic system that reveals your strengths, illuminates your challenges, and celebrates your divine design. Human design represents a clear reflection of who you are, who gets you, and where you belong in society.'

Aycee knows it her mission to present Human Design in a way that connects, to a people who recognise the advantages of this tool.  

During our conversation she explains the different aura types, gives me  - a Manifesting Generator - a mini reading and some valuable advice, and explains why Beyonce is unstoppable. We also touch on the shift occurring as WOC become more visible as practitioners of a variety of modalities in Spirituality

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10. Demystifying Numbers with Lorraine Whyte
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Every week I ask my guests to recall the best piece of advice a woman has ever given them.

Every week I ask my guests to recall the best piece of advice a woman has ever given them.

My guest this week is Intuitive Life Strategist, Lorraine Whyte. 
She specialises in helping her clients, who are mainly heart centred coaches and therapists, gain clarity about their unique soul offering. 
Using a unique blend of numerology and astrology Lorraine is not only able to identify the specifics of their talents and but then also able to direct them towards their ideal audience. 

In our conversation she reveals:
What particular numbers show her whether someone is suited to a life of an entrepreneur and service. 
How effective changing our name is when we want to create a shift in our lives. 
Also what to consider when naming children. 
And of course so much more...

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7. Astrology 101 with Kristina Wingeier
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If you have any level of curiosity about astrology then this is definitely the episode for you. 

Like most people I became aware of basic astrology by reading horoscopes in mainstream media that promised to interpret what was ‘written in my stars’. 

However that stuff is so vague and diluted its easy to see why there is general disbelief about the accuracy of information that it can provide. 

Now as I begin to uncover its true depths, I appreciate it as a tool and an art form. When you speak with true astrologer, they are able to offer you insights and guide on ways to ride the subtle energies we are constantly moving through. 

This weeks guest on HER Conversations is Astrologer Kristina Wingeier and on this episode she:

Explains the basics of astrology

  • Highlights aspects of our sign we need to know

  • Speaks on the stereotypes of the zodiac

  • Guides us on can we work with the changes in the Moon

  • Tell us what it really means when Mercury is in Retrograde and if we need to freak out

Kristina also offers some advice for the empaths among us. 

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