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74. The Healed Heals with Yvonne J. Douglas

My guest this week is Starseed Alchemist and Shamanic Healer, Yvonne J Douglas.

During our conversation we talk about her work as a healer and helping woman transcend trauma. 

Yvonne also shares her experiences of overcoming abuse, addition and the tools and practices that have assisted her growth. 

We also discuss discovering your soul family and how many highly spiritual people are sadly diagnosed and medicated. 

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73. Letting Go with Carol Mae Whittick

If you want to fly you need to give up the things that weigh you down.’ -Toni Morrison 

In this solo episode, I speak about the reality of ambition. What does wanting more for yourself really cost?

Not everyone can come with you. 

Not everyone is happy for you.

Realising this is often painful. The disappointment and loss is real. 

I also talk about the stigma around asking for help. Why is it so hard?

72. New Generation Awakening with Ramsha Essa

My guest this on this weeks HER Conversations is Ramsha Esha. Although she is still a full time student, majoring in Software Engineering, she is an author and possesses a commitment to not only live out her passions but also to use her tougher experiences to motivate others. She talks about her inspirations, ambitions and shares the point of view that her generation has about our current times.

This episode is an enlightening insight into the mind of a young woman who I believe is destined to make a great difference in the world.

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71. Law From The Heart with Maureen Obi

My guest in this weeks HER Conversations is Barrister Maureen Obi, who specializes in Family Law. During our conversation, she talks about how she brings a more heart-centred approach in what is essentially a very logic driven environment, her work to increase Emotional Intelligence and her move in politics with the Women's Equality Party.

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