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63. The Wisdom of HER Women - June 2019

This weeks HER Conversations is a compilation of answers from guests from the last 3 months.

Thank you to:

Stephanie Perry

Rachel Onojafe

Liv Wheeler

Ravi Toor

Emily Turner

Fran Leigh

Kat Kim

Aycee Brown

Marla Teyolia

Dihessa Bojona

There is a set of questions I ask all women on the show and it perfectly highlights what Higher Energetic Resonance is about. Although their responses differ in detail, the sentiment and understanding of what HER means is the same.

However, not everyone has experienced this state and this inspired me to create HER Life Academy, the monthly membership platform dedicated to re-connecting women to their Higher Energetic Resonance. 

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62. Mastering Your Energy with Dihessa Bodjona

My guest on this weeks HER Conversations is Energy Coach Dihessa Bodjona. Her gift is to help her clients understand and use their energy to create their desired results in their lives and businesses. 

During our conversation Dihessa shares how needing to make changes for her son made her aware of creating a good energetic environment.

How different areas of the brain are responsible for certain aspects in our life. 

We also discuss the cultural stigmas and misunderstanding surrounding energy work .

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61. Coaching For The Culture with Marla Teyolia
MARLA HER 2000PX.png

My guest on this weeks HER Conversations is  Holistic Executive Coach and founder of The Culture Shift Agency, Marla Teyolia. Her work is centred on creating a sacred space for women of colour to facilitate their healing and transformation. 

During our conversation, we discuss why there is still a need separate healing spaces. 

Marla also shares why it is necessary to know that our coaches and leaders are continuously doing work on themselves. 

And she offers guidance for coaches about finding their core niche and the correct price point relative to their preferred client and experience. 

Find out more about Marla here

60. Life By Human Design with Aycee Brown
AYCEE H.E.R. 2000PX.png

My guest on this weeks HER Conversations is Intuitive Strategist and Human Design Expert Aycee Brown. 

In her own words, 'Human design is a holistic system that reveals your strengths, illuminates your challenges, and celebrates your divine design. Human design represents a clear reflection of who you are, who gets you, and where you belong in society.'

Aycee knows it her mission to present Human Design in a way that connects, to a people who recognise the advantages of this tool.  

During our conversation she explains the different aura types, gives me  - a Manifesting Generator - a mini reading and some valuable advice, and explains why Beyonce is unstoppable. We also touch on the shift occurring as WOC become more visible as practitioners of a variety of modalities in Spirituality

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