60. Life By Human Design with Aycee Brown

AYCEE H.E.R. 2000PX.png

My guest on this weeks HER Conversations is Intuitive Strategist and Human Design Expert Aycee Brown. 

In her own words, 'Human design is a holistic system that reveals your strengths, illuminates your challenges, and celebrates your divine design. Human design represents a clear reflection of who you are, who gets you, and where you belong in society.'

Aycee knows it her mission to present Human Design in a way that connects, to a people who recognise the advantages of this tool.  

During our conversation she explains the different aura types, gives me  - a Manifesting Generator - a mini reading and some valuable advice, and explains why Beyonce is unstoppable. We also touch on the shift occurring as WOC become more visible as practitioners of a variety of modalities in Spirituality

Find out more about Aycee www.ayceebrown.com